We Offer FREE Collection of Used Cartridges

Waste Continues to Pile Up

Cartridges sent to landfill sites waste over $100 million worth of raw materials annually. These contain precious oil resources, given that 3.5 liters of oil is required to make one printer cartridge. In one year, recycling 10% of spent cartridges in Canada could save 15,000,000 liters of oil.

Our Recycling Program

There are basic steps done recycle a printer cartridge, starting with collection. Contact us and will arrange collection of your spent toner cartridges.

Our continued commitment to recycling toner cartridges will lead to a day when recycling cartridges are as common as separating waste material for recycling programs.

Contact one of our representatives and find out how easy it is to get a recycling program started at your company.

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Recycling makes us Different – We Care

The reality is that OEM Manufactures make more money selling new laser toner cartridges than placing an emphasis on recycling spent toner cartridges. That is why Canada Cartridge has created a recycling solution to reduce the strain on our environment. Contact one of our representatives for details of our full program.