Discover Why Cloud VoIP is the Right Choice

Managed Voice over IP, or Hosted PBX, delivers a high standard of simplicity and flexibility that beats conventional PBX and in-house communications platforms.

Focus on Hosted VoIP Solutions

BroadConnect offers Hosted PBX solutions that can be fully customized for your business requirements. We will help you create a solution and plan for your business communication needs that will save you time and money. BroadConnect Virtual PBX will streamline office communications. Their solutions are realistic and beneficial to your company’s productivity. They will handle the support and maintenance of VoIP systems, updates and equipment to give you peace of mind.

Replace Your Old Legacy Equipment With a Modern Hosted PBX Solution

BroadConnect’s next generation and feature rich Hosted PBX systems will change the way you do business by seamlessly increasing productivity. Our business-grade hosted telephony systems can reduce a business’s communications costs up to 40% from traditional telephone services.

This Will Allow Your Organization to:

  • Eliminate the cost burdens of managing and maintaining an in-house phone system
  • Gain access to revolutionary enterprise-class features proven to increase efficiency and enhance productivity
  • Leverage a truly scalable and flexible system designed to reduce management efforts
  • Reduce, and in some cases even eliminate, long distance calling charge
    Gain the benefit of direct extension dialing across Alberta, Canada, and the United States

Easy to Use

BroadConnect’s service includes a web portal for easier line management and other administrative features.

Lower Your Costs

Hosted PBX services give small to medium-sized businesses a chance to utilize an advanced telephony system without investing in expensive equipment.

Increased Productivity

With virtual phone connectivity, workers have the opportunity to connect away from the office, even from their smartphones.

BroadConnect’s Private Network

Hosted PBX services give small to medium-sized businesses a chance to utilize an advanced telephony system without investing in expensive equipment.

Three Jays Will Help You Discover Hosted Communication Solutions

Skype For Business

SFB Unified Communications

This is the latest trend in unified communications and Microsoft’s newest business offering. Skype for Business (SfB) is the most complete tool kit. Running Skype for Business (SfB) over the BroadConnect private IP Network delivers enterprise-grade quality of service for all of our VoIP communications & features.

Hosted SFB With Full Collaboration

SfB connects you to what’s important. You will be integrated with Microsoft 365 products allowing you to collaborate with employees on projects, dial directly from Outlook contacts, video chat, and even instant message.

BroadConnect is a Certified Skype For Business Provider

BroadConnect is a Microsoft SPLA Partner. BroadConnect’s certified SIP Trunking solution enables the full range of Skype for Business voice & call features to be used seamlessly. It is delivered on Windows 8, as well as other operating systems.